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Further Details About The Event – Jonathan is the Founder/Director and Organiser of LWF.

The London Wine Festival

A celebration of wines and food from around the world, bringing people together through live experiences.

The Perfect Experience

Where has this come from and what’s it all about!

Where's this come from?

After founding & exiting Rough Runner and then founding Chiswick Festival – past sponsors and partners of Rough Runner & Chiswick Festival approached expressing an interest in continuing to work together, where it’s emerged from the wineries themselves that there is no event like the Amsterdam Wine Festival in the UK – which has presented a great opportunity.

Jonathan has decided to transition the Chiswick Festival into the London Wine Festival – given the exciting opportunity that’s presented itself, and the fact this is very different to everything else out there. This, coupled with the huge rise in millennials now drinking wine, and interested in learning more about wine, in a fun environment, means the timing is right.

The Event - A Brief Overview

Amsterdam Wine Festival has 4 sold-out days per event, each day with 5,000 attendees. So 20,000 attendees per event, and they’re runninng two events a year.

There’s an entrance fee which includes a souvenir glass, and attendees meander their way around various wineries that takes their fancy, have a taste, and if they like the wine, will buy a glass or bottle to share amongst friends, before they move on to the next winery.

This, coupled with a variety of great quality, authentic, fresh street food stands everyone has come to love, along with live music, activities and games, creates the perfect environment that people want to be in, and stay in.

As with the Amsterdam Wine Festival, people will simply enjoy great wine coupled with great food, whilst listening to, and dancing to live music.

Please see the video above that explains more about the event, and also shows a CAD of the style and layout.

The Event - More Details

Over the course of an extended long weekend – a Friday through Sunday (possibly extending to a Thurs), LWF is planning to offer locals, Londoners and the trade the opportunity to enjoy wines from various independent wineries, taste food from local street food stalls, in surroundings where they will be able to sit back, relax, indulge and enjoy a great atmosphere, with some great entertainment.

The event will be a ticketed event.

There will be an array of caterers serving food from around the world, supported with entertainment ranging from crushing grapes to Pétanque, with ambient background music, live music and later on in the day DJ’s all with the aim to help keep everyone engaged and stay on-site for the duration, spending more at the bars & catering units.

The idea of this concept is to offer –

  • Independent Wineries the opportunity to share their wines and let attendees taste and experience their liquid
  • Local street food stalls the opportunity to serve “tasting” signature dishes from their main menu, at affordable prices per dish (the idea being visitors could enjoy several smaller dishes from around the world as they taste dishes from various caterers)
  • Unique stalls and stands would be able to provide produce such as Cheese Stalls, Bread Stalls and Charcuterie Boards
  • The event can be indoor, outdoor or a mix of both
  • This will be a fabulous way for friends and family to meet, in a secure, fun, creative and engaging environment whilst supporting our independent wineries and food stalls.


We’re flexible on dates.

However, we need a 2 day set up, possibly 3-day if it’s not impacting another event, and a 3-day event (again if things sell well maybe we extend to 4-days) – Fri to Sunday, with one – two days to de-rig.

Nothing before the end of April 2023 and not after the first weekend in December.

Dec-March is not suitable. 


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There’s two formats to run this. Amsterdam Wine Festival has one long session, from 15:00 to 01:00am. We could either run the same format, alternatively run this as two sessions per day. 12:00 noon to 17:00 and 18:00 to 23:00. This is to be discussed with the venues independently. 

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Anticipated Numbers

The Amsterdam Wine Festival accommodates 5,000 attendees per day, for 4 days and sells out, on two events each year.

We will work with the venues directly and base numbers on capacities allowed. 

The Age Of Wine Is Here!

Drink Wine, Feel Fine!


Live Music

Keeping you entertained

Games & Activities

A mix of activities to amuse, learn & inspire

Wines From Around The World

Supporting independent wineries

Great Tasting Street Food

From around the world.

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