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The Event Concept

What is this all about!

This is about making wine fun to drink and taking the egotism out of wine drinking. It’s for people to explore new wines they’ve not tried before, meet wineries and learn first hand about wine making in a great, vibrant atmosphere.

Attendees upon arrival will be given a complimentary souvenir glass where they will walk around each wine bar/stand and be able to purchase glasses or bottles of wine (we have the tech to help with this!).

There will be live music (bands) playing during the day – though not so loud people can’t hear themselves think or talk, and then as the evening continues & more people have enjoyed a few more glasses of wine, DJs will pick things up a notch. There will be street food stands serving an array of food and there will be activities for attendees to do, e.g. pétanque.

Groups of fiends, colleagues and families can experience new wines, enjoy great conversation with music playing in the background. A rustic, informal and relaxed environment.

You are welcome to collect contact details from customers attending, and you’re also welcome to invite your trade suppliers to meet you there – we’d recommend earlier on in the day. We’ll give you free tickets to give to them.

We will be launching social media campaigns and supporting all brands attending the event in our campaigns.

And all brands attending will be included on all pre-event, at-event and post-event comms plans. We’re

The Event Details

In more detail…

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In discussions with Roundhouse, Tobacco Dock and a few others. Just agreeing on dates.
Sept/Oct 2022
Thurs – Set up
Fri – 2pm – 1am (live)
Sat – 1pm – 1am (live)
Sun – 1pm – 11pm (live)
Mon – derig
*Times subject to change
Up to 9,000 (subject to venue restrictions)
We will invite trade and you are also welcome to invite any buyers you already work with/want to work with. We’ll give you free tickets to give to any trade buyers up to an agree amount.
We’re wanting to make this as accesssible and easy for you so we’re happy to discuss options. We’re looking at two options, one is a flat fee around £2500, and the other is a flat fee to be discussed (this is to ensure commitment more than anything) where we then take a commission on all sales of 20%. We provide the tech to make this work.

It’s more important for us to really make this work for everyone involved and we’re happy to also hear any ideas you have. This is a concept similar to that of the Amsterdam Wine Festival that see’s 5,000 attendees and wineries from all over the world attending over a 4-day stretch.” _builder_version=”4.16.0″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”][/dvmd_table_maker_item][/dvmd_table_maker]

We welcome ideas and for you to do things like wine tasting.

We welcome ideas and for you to do things like wine tasting.

A delight in every sip

Life’s too short for boring!

Activities & Entertainment

Music, Live Bands and DJ’s will entertain you whilst you can enjoy activities such as Petanque! Activities without exerting much effort!


Whilst enjoying some of the best wines around, indulge in a feast! Super awesome deliciousness from street food stalls.

A great variety for everyone’s appetite. 

“This is what the UK has been crying out for. Something fun, lively and embracing wine with no egotism! ”

Richard Knowles

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