3 hours of the best fun in town!

London Ceilidh Club

If you’ve never been to a Ceilidh before, then you are in for a night like no other. No experience is necessary and all the steps are explained. If you’re a Ceilidh regular, then you know how much fun it is!

Friday, April 26th 2024 at 7:30pm at Chiswick Town Hall

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Join us for a night of traditional Scottish dancing, fun, and memories!

Experience a taste of Scotland in Chiswick. Enjoy an evening of the best fun – where a live Ceilidh band keeps you moving and a caller guides you through the steps – it’s perfect for the absolute beginner or the experienced Ceilidh dancer.

There’s also a bar serving wines, beers and some spirits, all at the amazing Town Hall in Chiswick!


What is Ceilidh?


What is ceilidh?

Customer reviews

Here are a few Ceilidh-goers’ comments…

Attending a Ceilidh was an unforgettable experience! The energy was infectious, and dancing with strangers felt like reuniting with old friends. Can't wait for the next one!


Our date night at this Ceilidh was phenomenal. We learned new dances, laughed, and enjoyed the incredible atmosphere.

All with a bottle of wine!


I’ve been to many themed nights, but nothing compares to the warm, welcoming vibe of a Ceilidh Night. It’s a blend of tradition, fun, and amazing music. Truly heartwarming.


From the moment the music started, I was swept away by the lively tunes and dances.

Ceilidh Night isn't just an event; it's a traditional immersive experience.


Ceilidh Night was an absolute revelation for me. The music, the dances, and the sheer joy of the crowd were beyond anything I expected. A night full of smiles and laughter.


I was blown away by the vibrant atmosphere of Ceilidh Night. It's not just about the dance; it’s about having a great experience with others. Absolutely amazing!


As a student, I’ve found Ceilidh to be a pretty great escape from the books. It’s an amazing way to meet people, have fun, and immerse yourself in something new.


As someone who loves trying new things, Ceilidh was a delightful surprise. The community feel and the fantastic music made it an unforgettable night.

Everyone should do Ceilidhs. Keep this going.


What’s the plan on the night!

Kick off your night with doors swinging open at 7pm sharp!

Dive into the rhythm and the drinks because at 10:30pm, the music hits pause and the bar calls last round. But don’t worry, you’ve got until 11pm to make your graceful exit. In between, get swept up in a whirlwind of Ceilidh dances — jump in feet first or sit back with a drink, mingle, and soak up the spectacle. Your night, your choice!

Do you need to know the steps?

No, absolutely not!

There is a caller who will take you through the moves. It’s fun, hot and exhilarating. It’s great for the absolute beginner to the real experts!

Is there a dress code? Or is casual ok?

No, dress code with us!

Casual and comfortable works well. Remember you'll be on  your feet a lot! Although tartan is always appreciated, and you’ll look great in it too!

Should I book tickets in advance?


Our events tend to sell out quite quickly, so to avoid disappointment, we recommend buying your tickets online in advance.  The venue has a strict capacity for fire and safety reasons so we won't be able to let you in.

Who goes? Do I need a partner?


Individuals going solo, couples, pals, birthday celebrations, (cool) hen parties, sports groups, work socials, Uni get-togethers, tourists, locals… All age ranges and from all backgrounds. It's a great way to actually meet new people. 

Is there a bar?


We do have a bar that is well-stocked and priced just right, serving up your favourite snacks alongside those sips.

Please leave your drinks at home, as we can't allow any outside beverages at our Ceilidh night. Heads up: bags may get a quick peek on arrival!

Other Questions?

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